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Are you running a high performing business with an engaged and motivated team that are generating more profit than you thought possible?

If the answer is Yes then congratulations, well done and long may it last!

If however you feel there are areas of your business that need improvement and you could benefit from some support and guidance then we would love to hear from you.

Would you like your business to be worth more and highly attractive to buyers?

At GSE we help our clients to improve their systems and processes to maximise profits which in turn increases the value of their businesses. We have the experience and systems to make this an easy process for you and our services are tailored to meet your individual business needs.

Whilst all of the above is extremely important, our ultimate goal is for you to have a business that is performing beyond your expectations with minimal stress and that you can choose to sell when the time is 100% right.

of businesses make a profit - We make sure you are one of them
of employees are engaged - We help you to inspire you team as a true leader
of businesses actually execute their strategy - We will hold you accountable
of businesses sell successfully - We make sure you are one of them
of businesses believe that exit planning is important
of businesses actually have an exit strategy in place

How we work

We use a structured seven stage process and give you full access to Maus Business Management software.

At GSE we know how tough it can be sometimes to even write a business plan, let alone follow it and also hold yourself accountable. If this sounds familiar then don’t worry, you are not alone! A recent survey of Australian businesses showed that more than 70% of business owners recognised the importance of planing but only 12% actually had a plan in place.

We are really passionate about delivering results for our clients and we know that proper planning is an essential first step in achieving this. We are proud to have partnered with the team at Maus Software to provide all of our clients with free access to the full suite of the cloud based business management software. This package allows us to set up, manage and monitor all areas of your business to ensure that you are getting the results that you need.

Our seven stage process has been designed specifically for small to medium businesses and has been thoroughly tried and tested. As a MAUS Accredited Partner GSE Business Consultants use methodologies and software that has been evolving for more than seventeen years and has so far helped more than 60,000 businesses like just yours. As a client you will have full access to the Maus cloud based business management software that will be used to help plan and execute strategies for whatever you are looking to achieve. 

The Maus Hub

The MAUS HUB is an award winning cloud based software platform that we customise for your business.

Maus Hub Image

Master Plan

With the Business Planning tool you can create business plans quickly and effectively and monitor your results versus targets.

Masterplan Image

The KPI Dashbaord

The one page KPI (Key Performance Indicator) snapshot includes financial and non-financial KPI’s which are fully customised to your business.

KPI Dashboard Image

Stage One – High Level Goals and Strategy

In the first stage of our program we will work with you to determine where you are currently and what you are looking to achieve over an agreed period of time. During this process we will look at not only your business goals but we will also factor in your personal goals.

Stage Two – Business Success Factors

In the second stage we look at what you business needs in order to be truly successful. We challenge you to think differently about your business and provide an impartial opinion which helps us to plan your future strategy together.

Stage Three – Strategies, Actions and Milestones

Stage three starts with a complete review of strategies discussed in the previous step and we work out what you feel you need to do to achieve the goals that have been set. We will create a 90 day business plan that will contain very specific milestones, dates and accountability.

Stage Four – Monthly Business Review

Each month we will review your performance and strategy and make adjustments as required. The KPIs within the Balanced Scorecard that we set up for your business will be added to if needed during these monthly  catch ups.

Stage Five – Systems and Workflow

Stage five of our process looks at implementing or improving the systems that deliver results required from the planning stages. The ultimate aim of these systems is to free up the owner of the business. This will  ensure that in the short term the business is more enjoyable to run and in turn it will eventually be easier to sell and achieve a higher sale price.

Stage Six – Employee Engagement

In stage six we review current employee engagement and look at how we not only improve upon this but also how we align engagement with company goals. We put in place systems that motivate, inspire and engage your staff through increased communication and accountability.

Stage Seven – Check the sustainability of the culture change

The final stage of our program involves high level checks to monitor and check that the system is working as it should and to make any changes necessary.

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